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Wrapped in Love, Covered by Grace

Our Story

​We are a family owned and operated business. Oma, the master seamstress, babysitter extraordinaire, and teacher. Zeke's mum, website doer and creator of Ella & Zeke. Auntie May-Me, fancy pants social media promoter, Auntie Fanny, technical rule enforcer, and Opa, the man that fixes all the broken things, and head of our complaint department. Kinder-folk, helpers and inspiration for our exclusive collection.

We are excited to bring our family's product to yours! We offer sewing kits to help you fall in love with sewing, as well as, finished product, and custom orders

​My son Zeke was born with a congenital heart disease. A medicine that he depended on while hospitalized, cause him to run low grade fevers.

​During that time Zeke desperately wanted the comfort and security of being swaddled. However the hospital blankets were too warm and he had to lay in the hospital crib, in his diaper.

Zeke's Auntie Noin gave him his first double gauze swaddle blanket and we were hooked. These blankets are strong, providing a tight swaddle while still allowing air flow, keeping babies at a comfortable temperature.

​Because Zeke was born in the middle of winter, in a snow storm no less, these blankets were hard to find locally. The selection was non-existent. It seemed like such a little thing, a blanket, but it was his first personal item. The first thing I thought about bringing him home with. It became a symbol of hope.

​From there Sewma was born.